The Speed Course




Gaining speed is not as complicated as you might think. I can guarantee you 10mph of increased clubhead speed in 10 days if you can commit 10 minutes to a speed routine. One MPH of speed is equivalent to 3 yards of potential distance. If you do this course, you will be 10mph faster in 10 days and have 30 yards of yardage increase potential. If
you’re swinging at 100mph, you can be swinging at 110 in 10 minutes per day for 10 days! Isn’t that worth trying? I based this course on the teachings of Tom House who coaches MLB, NFL, PGA, and many other professional players.


  • Understanding Speed
  • Speed drills full swing (right and left-handed)
  • Speed drills knees (right and left-handed)
  • Speed drills light shaft (right and left-handed)
  • Core training drills
  • Daily routine goals